Frame or continental? Or perhaps adjustable? A good portion of the choice is based on your own taste and habits. Many like the simple design of a frame bed; others prefer the sturdiness of a continental bed with a reversible mattress. But we also think you should ask yourself how you want to use your bed. Do you watch television or use a computer in bed? Then perhaps you want an adjustable model.


A continental bed consists of box spring bases with a reversible spring mattress. This combination is what makes many prefer a continental bed. Others choose continental beds because they often have multiple spring layers, which many find more comfortable.


The base of the bed has a sturdy wooden frame. It might look like it’s all in one piece, but a frame bed always has at least one spring layer of varying firmnesses to adapt to your body.


This is the perfect bed type for anyone who wants a variety of positions – for reading, watching tele-vision, working on the computer, etc. Adjustable beds are also ideal for those who need to have their feet elevated now and then. With three different types of motor-powered beds (Flex, DuoFlex and MultiFlex), you can choose your level of functionality: Flex and DuoFlex beds have a dual motor system, allowing you to adjust the height of your legs and back. A MultiFlex bed has three motors, so you can also adjust the resting position of your head.